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In the mid 1800s Francisco Salazar moved his family to the San Luis Valley of Colorado with the family livestock. The Salazars have been raising cattle on their Colorado Ranch for over 100 years. Many breeds of cattle have been raised on the ranch, and in the 1970s Henry Salazar began crossbreeding Limousin and Black Angus cattle resulting in beef with superior carcass and taste qualities.

Salazar's Natural Beef Philosophy

Cattle are raised on the ranch with a holistic management approach. Calves are born in April and May in the shelter of willows and cottonwood trees along the San Antonio River. The calves are raised alongside their mothers on summer pastures of grasses and other legumes in the meadows and pastures near the ranch headquarters.

Cattle are rotated from pasture to pasture during the summer and early fall. In this way meadow production is maximized and the manure from the cattle is spread naturally and efficiently throughout these pasture lands. Some land is reserved from summer grazing for winter feed. Grass hay and alfalfa are harvested from here to serve as winter feed. The calves are weaned in late fall and they are then pastured and fed supplemental grass hay and alfalfa until the following summer. They are turned out to green pasture again the following summer where they continue to gain weight until they reach about 1000 pounds. They are then processed at a local family-run facility under USDA inspection.

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